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  • The Architas Funds

    The Architas Funds are divided into three ranges - active, blended and passive managed risk profiled solutions, income generating and specialist funds. Each is designed with the investor in mind. 

    Diversification is at the heart of how we build our funds and we achieve this by spreading the portfolio across different types of investment. Put simply, it's 'not putting all your eggs in one basket'. 

    • Risk Profiled Funds

      Risk profiling aims to control the amount of risk investors are exposed to. Each fund is given a risk target or profile which acts as a guide to how much risk you may be exposed to by investing in that fund. 

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    • Income Generating Funds

      The Architas Income Generating Funds are for those investors who want an income from their investments. We invest in a range of income-paying funds which are spread across different classes of assets in world markets. The aim is to deliver an attractive level of income alongside the possibility of increasing your initial investment (capital growth).

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    • Specialist Funds

      The Architas Specialist Funds are a selection of funds that have been created to provide the opportunity to invest in funds which invest in a specific class of asset or geographical region or which have a specific investment aim. The funds are spread across a number of different managers but focus on one class of asset or geographical area.

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