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  • Architas BirthStar® Essentials 

    Architas BirthStar® Target Date Funds offer an 'all-in-one' managed investment strategy within a single fund labelled by a 'Target Date'. Before the Target Date, the Fund aims to grow the value of your investment, so is invested mostly in higher risk assets. After the Target Date, the Fund aims to protect the value of your investment, so is invested mostly in lower risk assets. The move from higher risk assets to lower risk assets is managed gradually over time. This gives you a straightforward approach to age-based or goal-based investing.

    Age-based investing:

    by selecting a Target Date Fund to match your expected retirement date, for example when you turn 65, you can use an Architas BirthStar® Target Date Fund to help you grow your investments before retirement and to protect them for withdrawal during retirement.

    Goal-based investing:

    you can select an Architas BirthStar® Target Date Fund to match the target date of an investment goal, for example, a deposit for a home, your children's education, or just investing for the future.

    Key points

    1. Convenience: Each fund offers a professionally managed and well-diversified investment portfolio that manages key risks for you as time goes on saving you the hassle of managing it yourself.

    2. Flexibility: The target date is the date you expect to start taking your money back out, but you can take it out at any time, or switch to a different Target Date Fund if your investment objectives change.

    3. Daily oversight: The fund manager adapts the level of risk in the portfolio to reflect changes in the market and economy so you know that your investment is being closely monitored and professionally managed.

    How to invest

    The minimum investment amount is £50 per fund per month if investing directly with Architas. The annual charge for the fund (Ongoing Charge Figure) is 0.55% of the fund's value. If you are using a financial adviser, or an investing platform, terms may vary and additional charges may apply.

    For more information about the Funds and how to invest, please see the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) and Architas ISA Application Form available on www.architas-mm.com. For a copy of the fund prospectus, please contact us.

    Selecting a fund

    You can choose any from the following list of funds to match your investment objectives:
    • Architas BirthStar® Target Date 2015-2020
    • Architas BirthStar® Target Date 2021-2025
    • Architas BirthStar® Target Date 2026-2030
    • Architas BirthStar® Target Date 2031-2035
    • Architas BirthStar® Target Date 2036-2040
    • Architas BirthStar® Target Date 2041-2045
    • Architas BirthStar® Target Date 2046-2050

    **Please note that Architas is 100% owned by the AXA Group but it has no legal right of access to the assets of the AXA Group. 

  • The value of an investment can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. You could get back less than you invested. The value of funds can fall and rise purely as a result of exchange rate fluctuations.

    The Architas BirthStar® Target Date Funds are intended for medium-(at least five years) to long term (over 10 years) investors, looking for the potential of capital growth from their investments. Owing to the nature of the assets held, inflation could be greater than investment performance, so you should be prepared to accept a risk of losses in the real capital value of your investment if you invest in these funds.

    For further information on any of the Architas funds, please refer to the Key Investor Information document or seek advice from your financial adviser.